The MX-A5200 sits proudly at the top of Yamaha's Aventage range of home theatre products. It represents the pinnacle of what is achievable today. From the first glance, the care and attention to detail is clear. Even the smallest details have been engineered so that at the end of the day you enjoy the absolute best sound possible.
Yamaha's clever engineers have created a power supply that is superior to almost all other designs on the market. It uses what is called a "Three-stage Darlington circuit" which makes the amplifier resistant to changes in the speaker impedance (which is changing all the time) and ensures almost ideal phase integrity.To fully realize its inherent power, it uses high quality parts with superior sound quality that were strictly selected based on listening tests. The power supply transformer is a specially developed high output, high ef?ciency, large size toroidal transformer.
When used in partnership with Yamaha's flagship processing Pre-Amplifier the result is a perfectly matched system that is incredibly hard to beat.
With balanced inputs for all channels and high quality speaker terminals, every stage of the chain has been carefully engineered to ensure perfect clarity and scale, which at the end of the day means you have a home theatre, where you can sit down and just about be blown away, or you can appreciate the subtle nuances and fine details.

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