Sound & Picture

Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson has been in the industry for a number of years starting when he returned from his OE he started with the Sky TV network and quickly moving into the commercial TV installations. From here he has designed and installed a number of home theatre and multi room audio systems, where his training in programming and System design has seen him gain qualifications in Vantage Automation, pronto remote programming, and a large amount of experience in other systems related to the Audio Visual Industry. Also throughout this period has had a lot of alarm installation work which works hand in hand with all good automation jobs.

Todd has a very sharp IT mind and has quickly taken on the roll of designing, Programming and installing Complex learner remote controls, Colour Touch Wall controllers or Custom APP's on your Ipad. PC based Music servers and even Digital signage. This is a very new area in our industry. He also knows every trick with setting up Wifi/lan networking and everything he does is on time, hassle free and with a smile. When he's not working on your projects he likes to mountain bike on every square inch of god zone, skiing on the white stuff and the wet stuff, and in the last few years has been trying to keep up with his two children.

As the Director and sole Owner of SPS and also the man on the ground, he's a busy bloke.

Call 0212247160 and talk to Todd and he will design and quote a system for you.


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