Yamaha introduces a new, superior approach to analogue amplifier design.
It's full floating and balanced circuit design ensure, for the first time,that the full potential of analogue amplification may be realeased.
Natural Sound Stereo Amplifier
Full Floating and Balanced Circuit Design Achieves for the First Time the Full Potential of Analogue Amplification
An entirely new floating and balanced power amp that, by using power transistors with the same polarity that are not complementary, achieves complete symmetry of pullable operation at the output stage and permits full balanced transmission (amplification) from the input jack to just before the speaker jack, a capability that has long been the dream of audiophiles.
Full-Stage Balanced Signal Transmission
The A-S2100 achieves fully balanced signal transmission from input to output (balanced design refers to the use of two signal conductors that have equal impedances to ground). Balanced transmission is capable of canceling noise produced internally and externally, and so is considered to be an ideal amplification method, eliminating the sound quality degradation caused by noise.
Floating Balanced Power Amp
The floating balanced power amp configuration is completely different from the pure complementary circuit design that has been the mainstream of Hi-Fi amps for nearly 40 years. It adopts an output element having identical polarity on the plus and minus sides of the output stage, with both sides having their own power supply and feedback, thereby achieving total symmetry of pullable operation at the output stage. The power supply unit has four floating elements (no restrictive grounding connections), two for each channel, so plus and minus are completely symmetrical.

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