Yamaha Musicast

October 1, 2015


A new standard—that lets you choose the style that's best for you. From sound bar, desktop audio, and streaming speakers to AV receiver and HiFi audio. A wide range of audio devices with finely honed individual performance are seamlessly networked. Simply use the MusicCast...
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Wireless Internet

May 26, 2015

Wireless Network

I have been working on getting a top quality wireless product to extend current wireless connections in residential and commercial property. And this is it. can be scaled to what ever size property you have. and its easy!!...
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back to work

February 13, 2015
So we all having an amazing summer but its time to get the kids to school, refocus on work and maybe pay for a few too many toys or bottles of wine over xmas. SPS is open again on Saturdays 9am-1pm and thats an ideal time to both come in and think about any audio or TV jobs ...
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Site Goes live

December 15, 2014

SPS first blog

Hi everone this is the first blog for our new web site! We hope to keep you upto date with whats going on around the place through this site so please keep an eye out, all the best have a happy Christmas, regards Todd....
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